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Cheekaaboo Warmiebabes Suit - Red / Octopus (M)

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Product Description

Baby range – WarmieBabes Suit  - ‘For Extra Warmth’

WarmieBabes Bodysuits - For baby’s first dip in the water, to give that extra warmth in water


Baby’s first dip in the water should be a lovely memorable experience, reminiscent of the 9 months baby spent within Mommy


Our WarmieBabes Suit covers full body and will protect baby from the cold as he/she splashes about for the first time



  • Made from 2mm soft, double lined neoprene with insulating and sun protection properties
  • Keeps baby warm in and out of water by creating a layer of insulation from cold between the neoprene suits and the baby’s tender skin
  • Snug bands made of soft fabric around neck, arms and thighs ensures a more comfortable arm and leg movements
  • Designed with adjustable Velcro fastening at the back to accommodate size differences and growth
Size M 12-18 Months
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