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Duux SPHERE Air Purifier - Black

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Product Description

The Duux Air Purifier is an affordable and stylish solution that provides clean air for baby and the whole family. The detachable HEPA-filter and built-in ionizer collects over 99% of dust, pollen and airborne particles that baby’s immune system cannot yet filter.

HEPA-Filter –The HEPA-Filter(High-Efficiency Particulate Air) with active carbon filters over 99% of all airborne particles and allergens from the air

Ionizer –The built-in ionizer cleans the air by pulling dust, pollen and other airborne particles into the filter and blowing out clean air

Nightlight –The soothing nightlight can be controlled separately and makes sure your child feels safe in the dark

Aromatherapy –This air purifier is suitable for using Duux aromatherapy oils to suit your child’s needs! You can choose from Lavender, Eucalyptus and Citronella

Ozone free –Unlike other air purifiers this purifier produces zero ozone and uses 80% less power than other air purifiers

Silent operation –The noise produced by the small fan used to “suck” in particles can hardly be heard

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