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Jetkids Bedbox - Blue *Promo December

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Jetkids Bed Box Rp. 2.399.000 (was Rp. 2.499.000)
FREE ONGKIR until end of December
BedBox® is the ultimate travel gadget for children from 0 years, all the way up to 6-7 years. It is your child´s hand luggage, ride-on suitcase and inflight bed, in the very same box. Riding through the big airports on a ride-on suitcase is a fun experience for kids, and solves that part of the journey in a positive way. And since most ride on suitcases are made within hand luggage dimensions, the kids are able to bring their favorite items on-board, when traveling by air. But what about the part of the journey that you spend in a seat? For many parents, the real hassle about traveling starts when the child has to be seated for hour after hour. The children usually gets tired and exhausted, and many of them will need their sleep.
However, the sleeping opportunities for children onboard e.g aircrafts are very limited. That is why we developed BedBox®, a patented children’s ride on suitcase that easily converts into a comfortable leg rest. BedBox® is the perfect travel companion for children up to approximately 7 years of age. The leg rest feature can be used for children all the way up to approximately 5-6 years, and the ride on suitcase can be used from when they are able to sit safely on their own (≈ 3 yrs), and all the way up to approximately 7 years. The bed/leg-rest feature is easy to use with the help of the unique and patented lid, which is height and length adjustable in order to fit most standard economy seats. The comfortable leg rest feature can in many cases be used on board e.g trains as well.
Weight only 3kg including mattress
Swivel wheels in front allows excellent manoeuvring
Washable mattress with side cushions included (Hand wash & air dry)
Universal, and fits most standard economy seats
Not to be used during take-off, landing or turbulence

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