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Milestone Pregnancy Cards

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Product Description

Milestone™ Pregnancy Cards

New since March 2014 are the Milestone™ Pregnancy Cards.

30 cards to mark your pregnancy pictures and newborn pictures.

The set includes ‘We found out you are on the way’, ’8, 12, 20, 28, 34, 40 weeks’, ‘first kick’, ‘your room’, ‘we now know you are a boy/girl’, ‘first outfit’, favourite toy’, ‘you and your mom’, ‘you and your dad’, and many more.

Capture the miracle of your pregnancy with the Milestone Pregnancy Cards.

Your growing belly, pregnancy cravings, the little one's room.

Document all those highlight and enjoy them for years to come.

This set contains 30 illustrated cards to mark your pregnancy and newborn pictures: first outfit, favourite toy, hand & teet and more. Make your pregnancy unforgettable for yourself and your little one

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