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Yamatoya Sukusuku EN Table & Guard - Natural

Rp. 1.800.000
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Product Description

At a glance

Popular they chair with slim width, is a function of the Chair series. Baby sat back, so you can adjust the position of the seat and leg color grows 10 years (load capacity: 60 kg or less) long can be used.
Fitur dan Benefit untuk Yamatoya Sukusuku EN Table & Guard - Baby Blue

Assembly type
The seat of wavy cut
Note: load capacity: 60 kg
Stabilizer 4 pinches (cushion pad with renewal available)
If you are installing the leg frame further increases stability!
Seat height: 533 mm (when using a stabilizer: 541 mm)
Age: 6 months (is sitting) from 10-year-old was up (standard)
Easy to bend the knees, easier to put foot wave cut made the seat, sit, and is outstanding both ease of use and ease of sitting.
Size: approx. W 394 x D 520 x H 785mm (stabilizer used: approximately W 457 x D 520 x H 792.5mm)

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