Babygo Inc HBB Mini Cooler Bag Hummingbird

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In stock

Hitung Ongkos Kirim:

Floral Hummingbird Hand Painted Design This mini cooler is for bringing your expressed breastmilk. One bag could be used to accommodate up to 10-12 bottles of milk (100-125 cc); also, it is good for accommodating pumping bottles with funnels. With a bonus of 500gr ice gel pack, your expressed breastmilk could be stored 8 – 12 hours

Storage time: (based on the room temperature with an ice gel pack) Cold Storage : 8 -12 hours Hot Storage : 3 – 4 hours Storage capacity : up to 12 bottles (100-125cc)


BabyGo Inc.

Weight 900 g
Dimensions 28 × 19 × 10 cm


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