Chicco Meal Cup Tazza Pappa 180ml – Orange

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Hitung Ongkos Kirim:

Meal Cup, ideal for learning gradually to drink.
This cup is perfect for gradually teaching the baby how to drink at the table and later from a glass like an adult, making him learn the right position of lips and control of is ideal for 12m cup has rocking base to teach growing babies how to drink at the table , spout with non spill system

3 in 1.
The cup is modified to meet the needs and capabilities of the child in a gradual and progressive manner. To get him used to drinking from a real cup, first the valve can be removed from the spout followed by gradually removing even this along with the handles.

The non-drip system prevents liquid spills at the table and while being carried

Removable handles with rocking base.
The removable handles facilitate holding and keep the base of the cup tilted.

Stiff spout.
The stiff spout and the soft touch lip support help the child learn how to correctly position his lips and tongue.

Hygienic cap.
Its cap allows to protect the spout for transporting it in a hygienic way.

Ergonomic shape.
Its soft and ergonomic shape help even the youngest ones to hold it properly



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