Chicco Microwave Steriliser

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Hitung Ongkos Kirim:

Practical and economical, this sterilizer is suitable for different kinds of feeding bottles. In it you could easily sterilize 5 bottles and their accessories.

Your Chicco Microwave Steam Steriliser is compact and easy to use. The Chicco Microwave Steam Steriliser is suitable for most microwave. Chicco’s microwave sterilizer effectively disinfects bottles, nipples, pacifiers and other feeding items in five minutes. As a result, it naturally eliminates household bacteria harmful to a baby’s undeveloped immune system.

The sterilizer contains:

1 box/ base/, 1 cover, 1 bottle case, 1 clip, 1 feeding bottle 150ml with a rubber nip.

The sterilizer is suitable for microwave size: height 15.5cm, diameter 27cm.




Weight 3000 g
Dimensions 25 × 29 × 18 cm


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