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Magic Water Balloon Maker -Pack Get armed up for a water balloon fight FAST with this Magic Water Balloon Maker. In about 60 seconds, you’re ready to go with balloons. That’s a whole bunch of balloons! Why struggle and waste precious party time filling and tying one water balloon after the other? Just insert a water hose into the Magic Water Balloon Maker and fill & tie the balloons with the speed of a race car pit stop crew! A water balloon fight is great outdoor water sports fun for kids and (grand)parents! Just fill the balloons with water and throw them. Alternative use 1: Don’t want to throw things at each other? You can also use the water balloons for a long distance throwing competition or a water balloon relay race. Or draw an archery-style target on your driveway with chalk and aim for the bullseye. Alternative use 2: Hang some waterballoons on a wire with clothespins. Use something safe – like a pea shooter – to aim and fire at the water balloons to make them burst.

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