Mess Squish Ball – Purple

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Hitung Ongkos Kirim:

Squishy Mesh Ball is great toy to play with. It is a strange, outlandish and completely original way to relieve your stresses, strains and worries of the day! Slightly bouncy, wonderfully squishy and awfully addictive, the Mesh Ball transform from little colored ball of loveliness to squelchy squishy lumpy bundles of fun all with the aid of a good squeeze! Perfect for palm play, the Squishy Mesh Ball Stress Ball has a buoy-like little black holed net which the mystifying colored goo lumps seep and grow through when pressure is applied to the ball! Textured, tactile and completely terrific, the Squishy Mesh Ball Stress Ball features a separate colored goo inside so you can watch the big perplexing lumps fade back to their original color as they reduce in size and grossness when you let the ball relax to its original state! Unnatural, unique and unusual – grip and squelch today! *Please note this is not a stress ball, this is a toy. Too much pressure may cause item to break. **Colors vary and are shipped at random. Do not throw against rough or sharp surfaces.

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