Putto Houzz Washing Machine Cleaner Orange Oil 500g (2pack)

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Pembersih mesin cuci dari Agabang Korea Bersihkan bakteri, residu, jamur yang tersimpan di sela-sela mesin cuci Mommies Bije jual satuan dan per pack (isi 2bag) ya Moms Keep Your Washing Machine Clean Give your washer a clean once a month to ensure that it stays efficient and grime and odour-free Just because you fill your washing machine with laundry detergent doesn’t mean you don’t need to clean the machine itself. It sounds counterintuitive, but while your machine is ridding your clothes of dirt, it doesn’t always rid itself of that same dirt or a buildup of detergent residue. In addition, the newer HE (high efficiency) machines are especially prone to developing mould and mildew, especially if you live in an area with high humidity levels, which can lead to an odour developing both in the machine itself and on your “clean” clothes. “We take our washing machines for granted,” says Taryn Brucia, a public relations director at LG Electronics. “They do some dirty jobs. We should give them some love.” With that in mind, here’s how to clean a washing machine



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